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Suzanne Caporael

Suzanne Caporeal


Refugio, 2006


14 1/2 x 18 inches

Edition of 30





Suzanne Caporael’s work focuses on the temporal beauty of nature by examining the relationships between elements. Caporael investigates the physical world and transforms the intellectual and methodical data she has collected into sublime and resonate images.

As Grace Glueck stated in The New York Times, " might say that if natural laws were to express themselves through paint, something akin to her work could result."



Artist Statement


Suzanne Caporael is a Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary visual artist. She received both her B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Otis Institute in Los Angeles. Caporael brings her own particular scientific approach; the implied grid system and multicolored amorphous forms suggest data gleaned from such varying sources as text, scientific data, and documentary photographs.

She has exhibited in numerous galleries including Richard Gray Gallery in New York and Greenberg Van Doren Gallery. In 1986, she was awarded by the National Endowment for the Art Painting Grant.




All artwork is in perfect condition and authenticated under the supervision of the artist or artist’s estate. Condition reports and certificates are available upon request.



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